Gidon Carmel began drumming at the tender age of ten. From the momentof those first drumbeats, he knew that he had found his passion andbegan seeking out lessons and teaching himself everything there is to know about drums. Twenty years down the road, Gidon is still on that beautiful journey. Along the way, he has been trained in various musical styles — jazz, swing, R&B, reggae, rock, pop, funk, etc. — and he has put that training to good use:

Gidon has toured, recorded,supported, and played with hundreds of international artists all over the globe.

With years of studio experience, Gidon has become one of Berlin’s most sought after drummers. He combines an ultimate understanding and control of percussion with his experience as a sound engineer to create intricate worlds of sound and rhythm. Flying between musical styles at lightning speed, Gidon delivers a unique and versatile style that complements any musical genre.

When not busy supporting live acts such as Mimi Mueller Westernhagen, Jaqee, iLLbiLLy- Hitec, or Alberta Cross, Gidon is hard at work in the studio recording his first

solo LP Goabi: A Tragic Episode of the World’s Indifference.




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